Ferrari F40 GT chassis 80742

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In July 1989 Ferrari F40 chassis 80742 was sold to Milanese Ferrari collector and privateer racing driver, Vittorio Colombo. 1991 saw the car pass to its second owner from Milan, Roberto Angiolini, son of Jolly Club founder, Marco Angiolini.

During 1992 the World Sportscar Championship was imploding due to costs and several domestic GT competitions sprang up enabling privateer drivers to go racing at a more reasonable price. Foremost among these was the Italian GT Championship which in 1992 was dominated by lightly modified Ferrari F40s.

After its inaugural season more modifications were permitted for 1993 and through Michelotto in Padova Ferrari began offering F40 customers the GT upgrade pack. This provided more power and less weight plus wheel, suspension, brake and gearbox modifications.

Roberto Angiolini had Michelotto upgrade chassis 80742 to the GT specification. It would race in the 1993 Italian championship with backing from Shell and preparation by Jolly Club (who also ran a second F40 for 80742’s original owner, Vittorio Colombo). Marco Brand was hired to drive and won eight of the nine rounds that season. Brand secured the championship scoring almost 50% more points than his closest challenger.

For 1994 the Jolly Club expanded to running three F40s at most rounds which were now double headers with two races per weekend. Chassis 80742 received backing from Totip and was given a new white, green and orange livery. Raced by Federico D’Amore, Oscar Larrauri and Arturo Merzario, despite winning more races than any other car in 1994 splitting driving duties meant Vittorio Colombo took the title.

In September 1994 chassis 80742 was sold to Team Taisan the renowned Japanese outfit run by Yasutsune ‘Ricky’ Chiba for the Taisan Industrial Company. Bought to contest the Japanese GT Championship it joined Taisan’s second F40 (80780) that had been running in the series all year. Over the next few weeks chassis 80742 was uprated by Michelotto towards LM specification: this included further engine, gearbox, brake, suspension and wheel modifications.

Painted Team Taisan’s familiar red and black livery chassis 80742 made its Japanese debut in the final 1994 round at Mine. It raced twice more in 1995 but by this time the team had switched most of their attention to the new Porsche 993 GT.

At the end of the 1995 season chassis 80742 was retired from competition duty and went down in history as the Ferrari F40 with more race wins than any other.

Notable History

1989 sold new to Vittorio Colombo, Milan.
1991 sold to Roberto Angiolini, Milan.
Uprated by Michelotto to GT specification.

Monte Shell livery.

28/03/1993 IGT Monza (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)
12/04/1993 IGT Magione (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)
16/05/1993 IGT Vallelunga (M. Brand) 13th oa (#7)
30/05/1993 IGT Misano (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)
13/06/1993 IGT Mugello (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)
27/06/1993 IGT Pergusa (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)
05/09/1993 IGT Binetto (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)
03/10/1993 IGT Imola (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)
17/10/1993 IGT Mugello (M. Brand) 1st oa (#7)

Totip livery.

20/03/1994 IGT Monza (F. D'Amore / O. Larrauri) 2nd oa / 1st oa (#1)
04/04/1994 IGT Magione (F. D'Amore / O. Larrauri) 1st oa / 1st oa (#1)
24/04/1994 IGT Mugello (F. D'Amore / O. Larrauri) 2nd oa / 1st oa (#1)
05/06/1994 IGT Vallelunga (M. Trione) 1st oa / 2nd oa (#1)
26/06/1994 IGT Varano (M. Trione) 2nd oa / 2nd oa (#1)
10/07/1994 IGT Vallelunga (M. Trione) DNF / 2nd oa (#1)
24/07/1994 IGT Misano (M. Trione) 5th oa / DNF (#1)
04/09/1994 IGT Binetto (A. Merzario) 7th oa / 8th oa (#1)

Sold to Team Taisan, Fuji.

Tasian livery.

23/10/1994 JGT Mine 300km (K. Suzuki / H. Matsuda) 8th oa (#34)
02/04/1995 JGT Suzuka 300km (M. Kondou / A. Reid) 11th oa (#34)
04/05/1995 JGT Fuji (A. Reid) DNF (#34)

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