Ford GT40 chassis P/1007

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Completed on August 28th 1965, chassis 1007 was one of ten 4.7-litre ‘production’ GT40’s built during the 1965 season. UK registered LBH 416C, it was the second car allocated to Ford France, the first having been chassis 1003 which had most notably won the 1965 Albi GP with Guy Ligier driving.

Chassis 1007 was painted the Ford France livery of white with a wide blue centre stripe flanked by additional red pinstripes. Once delivered it spent the remainder of 1965 on display duty, first heading out to the Monza Racing Car Show and then to the Paris Salon as part of the Ford France team exhibition.

During late 1965 it appeared in the highly rated Claude Lelouch movie “Un Homme et Une Femme” being driven at Montlhery by lead man Jean-Louis Trintignant (nephew of Ford France veteran Maurice).

For 1966 chassis 1007 went racing and had several strong performances including a sixth overall at the Monza 1000km and two wins at Montlhery. It also scored a class win at the Targa Florio despite having dropped from fourth to 12th on the last lap. However, the victory was primarily down to a lack of competition in the GT40’s class, the twisty Madonie circuit being better suited to more nimble machinery.

Following Coupe de Paris and Coupe du Salon wins at Montlhery, chassis 1007 was entered at the same track for the 1966 season-finale Paris 1000km. During the preliminary lap somebody had unwittingly dropped a prodigious quantity of oil and fuel at Virage de la Ferme and, unnoticed by the marshals, the lead cars stormed into the hazard with no warning flags displayed. Many cars span or crashed but Jo Schlesser was particularly unlucky slamming chassis 1007 into the retaining wall and wrecking it.

Sent back to Ford Advanced Vehicles in Slough, 1007 was completely rebuilt over the winter of 1966-67 and uprated to the latest specification with a new 4.7-litre engine and lightweight bodywork.

In this guise it contested three rounds of the 1967 World Sportscar Championship (most notably securing a class win and sixth overall at the Monza 1000km) prior to being replaced by chassis 1020.

Chassis 1007 was sold to esteemed French collector Pierre Bardinon in Saint-Avit-de-Tardes. After three years and with Bardinon’s collection becoming ever more Ferrari focused, the car was sold in 1970 to its second private owner who retained it for another 30 years.

Notable History

Ford France

Displayed at the 1965 Monza Racing Car show and 1965 Paris Salon.

Featured in the Claude Lelouch movie “Un Homme et Une Femme”.

03/04/1966 IND Le Mans Test (G. Ligier / H. Greder / M. Giorgi) 6th oa, 1st S2.0+ class (#14)
25/04/1966 WSC Monza 1000km (G. Ligier / H. Greder) 6th oa, 3rd S3.0+ class (#6)
08/05/1966 WSC Targa Florio (G. Ligier / H. Greder) 12th oa, 1st S2.0+ class (#176)
19/06/1966 WSC Le Mans 24 Hours (G. Ligier / B. Grossman) DNF (#15)
25/09/1966 IND Montlhery Coupes de Paris (I. Ireland) 1st oa, 1st S2.0+ class (#52)
09/10/1966 IND Montlhery Coupes du Salon (J. Schlesser) DNF (#??)
16/10/1966 IND Paris 1000km, Montlhery (J. Schlesser / R. Attwood) DNF (#34)

Rebuilt to 1967 specification.

25/04/1967 WSC Monza 1000km (J. Schlesser / G. Ligier) 6th oa, 1st S2.0+ class (#33)
14/05/1967 WSC Targa Florio (J. Schlesser / G. Ligier) DNF (#126)
28/05/1967 WSC Nurburgring 1000km (J. Schlesser / G. Ligier) 10th oa, 3rd S3.0+ class (#60)

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