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Lola Mk6 GT chassis LGT-2

Chassis LGT-2 was one of the two Mk6 GTs fitted with an aluminium monocoque after the prototype (LGT-P) had been completed with a steel monocoque. LGT-1 was retained by Lola as a works car and LGT-2 was sold to millionaire Texan industrialist, John Mecom Jr.

The son of John Mecom Sr. (one of America’s top independent oilmen), John Mecom Jr. was only…

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Lola T70 Mk3B GT chassis SL76/141

Ulf Norinder was a wealthy Swiss privateer racing driver whose grandfather manufactured Lakerol pastils and lozenges.

By 1968 Norinder had owned and raced a variety of cars including a Maserati 200 S, two Ferraris (a 500 Mondial and 250 GTO) and three Porsches (a 356 Carrera, 718 RSK and 906).

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