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Lancia Stratos Zero

Two years after the sensational Alfa Romeo Tipo 33-based Carabo came on the scene, Bertone’s next wedge-shaped concept was ready to break cover. However, before it was publicly unveiled, Nuccio Bertone presented the Stratos Zero to a Lancia management that had been kept in the dark about the highly secretive project.

Lancia had traditionally favoured Pininfarina…

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Mercedes-Benz C111-IID

By 1973 the growing importance of fuel-efficient engines was already clear: tough new emissions legislation was forcing manufacturers to clean up their act. And then the energy crisis hit.

On October 17th 1973 the Arab OPEC members announced an embargo on oil sales to the USA, UK, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands. The embargo was in response to the USA's support…

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Ferrari Pininfarina Cr 25

Theoretically the Cr 25 could have run Ferrari's 4.4-litre V12 or even a Flat 12 motor but no engine was ever fitted. The chassis shared an identical 2700mm wheelbase with the 365 GT4 while track was widened by 150mm at the front and 80mm at the rear.

The fastback design was heavily influenced by clean aerodynamics and considerable time…

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BMW E25 Turbo

At the Paris Salon in October 1972 BMW unveiled a spectacular design study called the E25 Turbo. Despite its dream car looks and high performance underpinnings, the E25 Turbo was created to showcase a series of pioneering safety solutions.

Authorities in the US were implementing major safety reforms at the time and many European manufacturers were struggling to adapt their…

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Mercedes-Benz C111-II

The C111-I had been introduced in September 1969 but it wasn’t long before Mercedes-Benz unveiled an uprated version. The appropriately named C111-II arrived at the Geneva Salon in March 1970. It incorporated a series of modifications with all critical aspects of the C111-I addressed: there was more power, extra torque below 4500rpm, better driver visibility and…

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Mercedes-Benz C111-I

When Mercedes-Benz unveiled their mid-engined C111-I at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1969 it garnered massive attention and interested parties began lining up to buy one.

The elegant W113 SL introduced in 1963 had proven enormously popular but did not offer the same level of performance as its famous predecessor; the W198 Gullwing. By 1969…

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Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale Bertone Navajo

Five years after the last Tipo 33 Stradale-based concept, the sixth and final example was unveiled during March 1976 at the Geneva Salon. Constructed on chassis 750.33.117, it was the second example to receive coachwork by Bertone after the trend-setting Carabo of 1968.

However, whereas the Carabo was beautiful…

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Ferrari 308 GT Bertone Rainbow

As Ferrari's coachbuilding partner since 1953 Pininfarina had created all officially sanctioned show cars that wore the prancing horse. However, after Bertone were commissioned to clothe the Dino 308 GT4 the firm were also given the opportunity to present a styling concept on a special 308 chassis. What emerged was the 308 GT Rainbow that debuted in November 1976…

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